Social Media is the best way to engage with your Customer


📷 Create Original Content
🤳 Social Media posts and stories
🔄 Make Videos/Photos from 360 footage

Content Creation/Edition from 360 videos

Video showing a Walking Tour thro Barcelona. Filmed with 360 camera and edited as a normal video

Video Edition from 360 Photos

Video in 1:1 aspect ratio, perfect for Instagram. Took 360 photos, created animations for logo/text and made camera rotations

Content Creation & Video Edition

I create videos with a story, perfect for showing something specific from your business. The video above shows all the activities from a hostel. Apart from filming and editing, I've created the idea for the video based on the logo the hostel already had.

Instagram with Videos, camera tricks and special effects

Content Creation & Video Edition

Video showing a Functional Training class from an Argentinian Gym